Forget Surgery and Liposuction: Eliminate Unwanted Fat Rolls With Noninvasive Ultrasonic Cavitation

When it comes to aesthetic practices, body contouring is a big deal. With each new technological advancement, more nonsurgical fat-melting options become available and become more effective than ever. Here at Star Body in Las Vegas, it’s our passion to help men and women look and feel their best at every age. And if we can help accomplish your aesthetic goals without surgery and a long recovery, even better. 

That’s why we offer the incredibly effective, noninvasive body contouring treatment known as ultrasonic cavitation. Discover why you should forget surgery and liposuction, and eliminate unwanted fat rolls with noninvasive ultrasonic cavitation. 

Ultrasonic what?

Ultrasonic cavitation certainly sounds like a complex and potentially scary procedure, but according to Merriam-Webster, cavitation is simply the formation of a hole, or cavity, within an organ or tissue. Most people are familiar with a medical ultrasound — or the use of sound waves for diagnostic purposes. 

While diagnostic ultrasound technology uses high-frequency sound waves to create images of the structures inside your body, ultrasonic cavitation uses low-frequency sound waves to create a void within your fat cells. Essentially, ultrasonic cavitation is a nonsurgical, noninvasive way to get a more sculpted, slimmer body, without surgery or downtime. It’s a great alternative to liposuction. 

Ultrasonic cavitation treats all those stubborn pockets of fat

It’s frustrating when stubborn areas of fat don’t respond to diet and exercise. You might even be in great shape, but you can’t lose that belly pooch, or those pesky love handles. Our highly trained aestheticians use advanced ultrasonic cavitation technology to help you get rid of unwanted fat in all those stubborn areas, including:

Ultrasonic cavitation can even help shrink your inherited double chin. How will you take advantage of this noninvasive procedure to help you finally achieve your body contouring goals?

Here’s what happens during an ultrasonic cavitation appointment

When you come to Star Body for your ultrasonic cavitation appointment, you’re greeted by our friendly team. Once in the treatment room, your aesthetician uses a handheld device to gently massage the areas you’re having treated. Low-frequency sound waves from the device penetrate through your skin to the fatty tissue below. 

Without pain or discomfort, the sound waves create bubbles around your fat deposits. As these bubbles burst, the liquid drains out of your fat cells and your body naturally eliminates these free fatty acids through your lymphatic system and urinary tract. The fat cells are permanently destroyed and can’t come back. Aside from needing to drink an adequate amount of water before and after treatment to help flush the disrupted fat out of your body, that’s all there is to it. 

Treatment sessions take just 30-50 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated, making ultrasonic cavitation a perfect lunchtime procedure, or “lunchtime lipo” as it’s sometimes dubbed. You can return to work or running errands immediately following your appointment. 

The proof is in the results

Here at Star Body, we’ll design a treatment plan that best serves you in getting rid of unwanted fat rolls and resculpting your body for smoother, slimmer contours. Most men and women need a series of ultrasonic cavitation sessions — typically 6-12 for optimal results. 

But, you may start noticing that your clothes fit better and your stubborn areas of fat are becoming less noticeable in the days and weeks after each session. A few months after beginning your customized ultrasonic cavitation sessions, you’ll be amazed at the results. 

As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle, your newly contoured body is permanent. The fat cells won’t regenerate more fat in the treated areas, so if you maintain a healthy weight and incorporate daily exercise, you’ll enjoy the results of your treatments for years to come. 

Are you ready to get started and finally get the body you’ve always wanted? It’s easy with ultrasonic cavitation. Just give us a call at 702-329-7583 to make an appointment. 

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