Learn About Our Solution for Those Dark Circles Around Your Eyes

Raccoon eyes are adorable on raccoons, but when you feel as though you look like one of these creatures because of the dark circles around your eyes, “adorable” may not be the first word that comes to mind. What can you do about this problem? Do you have a stockpile of under-eye concealer that you apply every morning so you don’t look completely exhausted or like you forgot to remove your mascara the night before?

The aesthetic professionals at Star Body in Las Vegas, Nevada, are happy to report there’s a better way to get rid of those dark circles around your eyes. It’s called Ultralift™, and it’s a noninvasive solution to skin tightening and toning that delivers long-lasting results. Ultralift is an easy, in-office treatment that uses safe, proven ultrasound to tighten and rejuvenate your skin.

Causes of dark circles

Genetics is responsible for a lot of things — your hair color, your eye color, and which hand is dominant — but did you know it’s also sometimes the reason you have thin or fair skin under your eyes? Thin, fair under-eye skin provides a showcase for broken capillaries and pooling blood that make the area beneath your lower eyelids appear dark. 

Aging is another culprit. As you get older, your skin produces less collagen and veins become more visible, making the area look dark. 

Changes in skin pigmentation and irregularities, especially for people with darker skin, also make the area around your eyes appear darker than the rest of your face. Other causes of dark circles around your eyes include:

If you have an underlying health condition, you should certainly get it under control, but it may not improve the pigmentation or thinning skin under your eyes. Ultralift treatments can! 

How Ultralift works

Ultralift treatments are so effective because the ultrasound energy bypasses the surface of your skin to treat the underlying tissue. Ultralift delivers high-intensity, focused ultrasound energy to deeper layers of skin, which prompts your body’s natural healing response. As a result, you begin producing fresh, new collagen cells right where you need them. 

New collagen cells have a few benefits when it comes to those dark under-eye circles; collagen provides a better support structure for thin, aging tissue, and it helps even out skin tone and irregular pigmentation. Our Ultralift treatments can reduce under-eye puffiness and make pores look smaller, too.

If thin skin under your eyes is a factor, new collagen that results from Ultralift treatments builds up your skin so blood vessels and capillaries are less visible. 

Even more benefits

Ultralift treatments are safe, easy, and you can schedule them during your lunch break. There’s no downtime, either, so you won’t miss any important events or have to take time off from your busy schedule. 

If you’re tired of looking tired or comparing yourself to that small, furry mammal that wears a bandit’s mask, it’s time to consider a long-term solution to the dark circles around your eyes. 

Ditch the concealer, and call the exceptional Star Body aesthetics team at 702-329-7583 to set up an appointment. You can also use our online booking tool to request a convenient time to come in.

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