Winter Is Prime Time for a Chemical Peel

You’d be amazed at the beauty that lies beneath the outer layers of your tired, sun-damaged skin. Peel them back with our IPe

Chemical peels are among the top five nonsurgical cosmetic treatments in the United States, and with good reason. They’re safe, effective in remedying multiple skin flaws and don’t require downtime. At Star Body in Las Vegas, our IPeel Signature Peel is one of the best ways to brighten tired skin without resorting to more invasive techniques.

Peel to perfection

The IPeel Signature Peel uses vitamin C and fruit enzymes to exfoliate the skin gently. Simultaneously, hyaluronic acid provides superior hydration. The treatment gently dissolves dead skin cells. As that topmost layer of skin is shed, a chain reaction occurs. Your living cells are triggered to multiply and move up. This increases collagen production. Your body uses collagen for skin and tissue repair. It’s an essential element in keeping your skin fresh, firm, and smooth. 

You natural chemical peel can also diminish the appearance of a wide range of facial flaws, including:

The process

We perform our chemical peels in just one pain-free visit. You may experience some redness and your skin may flake a little after the procedure. But minor flaking is part of the process. The peeling gets rid of the dull and battered surface to reveal fresh new skin underneath. Once your new and improved complexion appears, you will need to protect the results with appropriate moisturizers and sunscreen. We will help you find just the right products to keep the new glow shining. 

For optimal benefit

For optimum results, we recommend a series of  3 to 5 peels. We typically recommend that you wait a full month between chemical peels. 

You can also combine your peel with our Ultralift ultrasonic treatment, Thermalift radiofrequency skin tightening, or LED light therapy. 

Is a peel right for me?

Yes! Our treatment is safe for all skin types and colors. Your Star Body aesthetician will help you design a skin regimen customized to your skin. 

No time like the present

A flawless complexion is lying just beneath the surface of your skin and there’s no easier way to access it than with a chemical peel. To book your appointment, give us a call at 702-329-7583 today, or contact us online


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